I’m pretty new and not too many people know about me, yet. So, I wanted to share with you the story of how and why I was created. It starts with an amazing lady named Jan.

The Snug Story

Jan isn’t your typical retiree living alone. She walked 6 miles a day, has walked in all 50 states, and even led her own walking group in The Villages in Florida. She’s also a tech whiz who has an iPhone, Apple Watch, and even teaches classes so other retirees can learn how to better use their smartphones.

Jan is in excellent spirits, but she shares the same concerns a lot of other single retirees do. Living alone and with a health condition, she worries what would happen if she had a medical emergency. Since she has a heart condition and has previously had a seizure while sleeping, she may not be able to call for help if something happened, and people might not know for multiple days. It could be too late by the time help arrived.

So, Jan went looking for a solution.

She considered a medical alert bracelet like Life Alert but didn’t like what she saw:

  • The Life Alert pendants are ugly and would make her look old. Plus, they didn’t seem to use her iPhone at all and were based on old technology.
  • They were really expensive ($50/month!)
  • She is very active and independent, and hates the language Life Alert uses: ‘Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up’ is insulting!
This isn’t very friendly!

Jan decided to take things into her own hands by reaching out to the makers of another app she used, Patronus. She got on the phone with the CEO, shared her problem, and her solution: an app that would check in on her every morning, and call for help only if she didn’t respond. This got their wheels turning, and within the next week the CEO sent her some designs for a new service specifically designed to solve this problem.

Jan was elated and gave them her feedback. They kept working on it for a couple of weeks and then got Jan’s local Apple User Group to help test it. They also gave it a name, Snug.

The testing with the local Apple User Group went great:

  • 93% of the retirees who tested Snug felt more secure.
  • 90% said they would recommend Snug to others.

Now, with Jan’s inspiration, Snug is available to help anyone living alone feel safer. It’s designed to be very easy to use on an iPhone.